A few stories caused me to raise my eyebrows this week.

Time to face the impacts of climate change

Time to face the impacts of climate change

Image by Glitch

An article in The Huffington Posts begins "The thought of drinking your own urine might be disgusting to some people, but one Texas town thinks it might be the best option in the face of one of the state's worst droughts ever."  I'll stop and let you process that for a second. We're at the stage where we need to recycle our urine. Read more on Discovery News

Meanwhile an Italian design collective has proposed building a semiaquatic city in Venice - one that’s part land, part sea, and - for the time being - 110% science fiction (this is just a concept). Thing is, it’s not that far-fetched.  Venice is sinking. The ground on which this charming Adriatic city is built has subsided over the years; at the same time, flood waters are surging. Various stopgap measures, like raising the level of floors and pavement, only delay the inevitable. Read more on Co Design

On the other side of the planet, Australian kids are doing battle with their parents over climate change (apparently the greediest generation in history aren't so fussed that the world is going to pot). Even as the arguments rage, one coastal stretch of Australia has had to introduce planning rules stipulating that new houses must be 'relocatable' because they're "vulnerable to climate change impacts such as sea-level rise, shoreline erosion, increased storm intensity and changes in rainfall and related flooding''. How long until new homes in your district have to be 'relocatable'? Read more on The Age

As we're forced to face the less pleasant consequences of climate change in the rich world, will we begin to engage with the far more devastating impacts in the global south? And will we be moved to do something about them?